Cover for HYSTERIA!

I’m so excited to share the US cover for HYSTERIA!

The first time I saw this image, I did a double-take. Then I got a chill.

I adore it.

I love this cover for many, many reasons, but I think the aspect I appreciate the most is how much it captures the feel of the story (in the same way I felt the cover for Fracture did the same).

Anyway, I hope you love the cover as much as I do, and I hope you’ll enjoy the story inside. I can’t wait to share it. As of now, the US publication date is: February 5th, 2013.

Links: On Goodreads. Available for pre-order at Barnes & Noble, Indiebound, Amazon, Books-a-Million

(PS – the UK cover is totally different, but also totally awesome – I’ll be posting about that one soon!)