UK and links!

Lots of excitement going on this week:

Today, January 5th, is the UK publication date for Fracture!

PS - if anyone sees Fracture out in the wild, and maybe wants to take a pic, and maybe wants to send it to me, that would be awesome!

Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, The Washington Post reviewed Fracture this week! I've also updated the tour page with the NYC event, and I've got a local event in the works which should be posted soon!

Also, if you can't come to the NYC event at Books of Wonder on the 17th but you'd still like a signed copy, you can order any of our books directly from Books of Wonder.

There are also two Fracture giveaways going on this week: First, fellow 2012-debut author Lenore Appelhans, whose LEVEL TWO comes out this fall, has an awesome giveaway going on for an Apocalypsies starter pack with a bunch of swag and upcoming books, including a pre-order of Fracture. And Rhiannon at The Diary of a Bookworm is also giving away an order of Fracture, open internationally. Huge thanks to both Lenore and Rhiannon!

I also have a giveaway going on for a Fracture skin for either a Nook Tablet or Nook Color, open until the 10th.

Hope you're all having a great new year!