Fracture T-Shirt Contest

I just got back from tour last night. The last week and a half has been such an incredible experience. Huge thanks to everyone who came out for an event! Recap coming soon…

In the meantime, you can check out this event recap of the San Francisco stop with Marissa Meyer and Daisy Whitney from Tara.

Good times.

Also, last weekend The Boston Globe started running a YA review column (yay!), and kicked it off with a review of Fracture. And the lovely Jessica at Fictional Distraction is giving away a signed hardcover of Fracture. Thanks, Jessica!

But anyway, the T-shirts. The Husband is really into the whole book-publication thing, which is awesome, because he keeps getting book-publication related things. Unbeknownst to me, he recently had some T-shirts made. They look like this:


Yep, I like him.

I brought some on the book tour to give away, but I still have about 6 or 7 in need of a good home. So, the contest...

Okay, wait. First, a story: My family started sending me pictures of Fracture out in the wild when they first started appearing. But then, they got clever, as my family tends to do. In particular, this is the brainchild of my uncle Ken. He held up my book, looking all anxious, with the caption: STRESS FRACTURE

Then, holding 2 books: COMPOUND STRESS FRACTURE

And now we can’t stop with the Fracture puns. Fracture held up to your forehead? Hairline Fracture. Fracture on top of a heart-shaped dish? Fractured Heart. You get the picture. So, that’s the contest. Take a picture of a finished copy of Fracture turned into a pun (US/Canada or UK/Australian edition, just as long as it’s the finished copy), tweet/FB/blog/what-have-you it, and link back to this page, if possible. Leave your info in the form below, including where I can find the tweet/FB/blog/what-have-you, and I’ll pick and share the winners next week. Contest is international and runs through Monday, February 6th.

Thanks for playing!