Launch Week, in pictures!

My family started spotting Fracture out in the wild. Which is wild.


I got to celebrate with the wonderful people at Walker/Bloomsbury...

with awesome publicist, Katy!...and then meet up with Beth Revis, Julie Cross, Maureen Lipinski, and Carrie Ryan for an event at Books of Wonder.

My family showed up!

My very large family...

AND I finally got to meet....

Jessica, from Fictional Distraction!The Apocalypsies! (Shari Arnold, Zoraida Cordova, Sarvenaz Tash, Lizzie Foley)

Then back home to celebrate with friends at my local B&N today. Thank you to everyone for coming!

(And since I always forget my camera, thank you to Suzanne and Michelle for letting me steal their pics)

Tomorrow I'm heading out on tour. I'll be stopping in Chicago, Huntington Beach, Pasadena, San Francisco, and Portland, Oregon. If you're nearby, hope you can make it!

Huge thanks to everyone for all the support this week... and the last few years leading up to this!