September, in sticky notes

So, this is pretty much what I’m up to:

Manuscript of next book. Needs work. Hence the note.

The kids. Don’t forget about the kids. Fixing my manuscript is not an excuse for ordering pizza every single night. Every other night, yes. But not every single one. Time to set the bar a little higher.

Right, pack that suitcase. Also, get it down from the top of the closet. Also, stop taking blurry pictures with the phone.

So, I’m leaving in less than a week for a pre-publication tour to Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago for Fracture. I like to pretend I’m this awesome packer. Last year, I bragged to my friends about how I packed for myself and the two kids for a 10-day trip to the west coast (including a wedding) in one suitcase. I am EFFICIENT, dammit!

But what I typically neglect to mention is that I occasionally (okay, usually) forget something major. Like tickets. Or pants.

So this time, I’m planning in advance. Just as soon as someone taller than me gets the suitcase down.

See you in October!