So, It's Summer

This was our first week of summer vacation. I wasn’t sure what to expect, exactly, but I assumed it would involve some combination of sleeping in (it didn’t) and extreme heat (it did).

But. In exciting first-week-of-summer news, I got to see this:

An early advance copy of Fracture.

Okay, so, this is the back of said early advance copy. There’s no cover yet, but it has my name, and the book name, and the publisher’s name, and the publication date.

Which, for the record, is January 3, 2012

This is really just more evidence to support my theory that Time is Weird, because winter and snow and New Year’s seem ridiculously far away, but suddenly, January 3rd seems really, really soon.

Go figure.

And I can’t wait to share the cover.

Because I saw a preview.

And I love it.

But anyway, back in the Time is Weird category, I’m about to turn 30. Chronologically and stuff, it makes sense. I mean, I’m 29, and before that I was 28, and I do have, like, 2 kids, and they keep getting older, too. So it seems kind of normal. Except my mom keeps FREAKING OUT about it and will randomly shout, “Oh my God, I have a 30-year-old kid!” Just in case I didn’t realize. Yeah, I get it. Thanks, Mom.

But it occurs to me that there’s no getting around the fact that I’m really, for real, an adult now. And maybe I should, like, try not to say like so much in my blog posts.

I promise to try.