How many words is this worth?

So. This happened:

This picture is worth a lot of words. I think even more than a thousand. But I’m not really sure because I don’t keep track of these things.

Also, this happened:

And this:

Why yes, that is a path of books and toys and stuffed animals weaving its way through every single room of my house. Also, dress-up clothes.

Usually, I try to keep my writing time and parenting time separate. Which is really only possible when the children are unconscious. And by unconscious I mean sleeping. It’s not like I drug them or anything.

But on Friday, they were playing together. And playing well. And being quiet. Which at first set off my internal mom-alarm, because the last time they were quiet and I chose to ignore said quiet time, there was an unfortunate incident involving toothbrushes and toilet water.

So first I checked the bathrooms.

And then I took a risk. I sat down to do some writing. In the DAY TIME. DURING NORMAL PARENTING HOURS. And when I looked up, the above pictures happened. Which means several things:

A – We have way too much stuff.

B – My kids work well together.

C – The writing. It is going well.

In other news, the trails are still there. I really couldn’t think of a good enough reason to make them clean it up. I mean, why can’t we walk along a trail to every room? It’s not like I was planning on vacuuming or anything.

Don’t judge.