Upcoming Short Story & Fracture Giveaways

Two things!

1. Short Story: ELEVEN MINUTES

I have a short story set in the world of Fracture set to come out this Friday. Fracture is told from Delaney’s perspective, and if you’ve read the first two chapters, you know that A) she falls through the ice in chapter one; and B) she wakes up 6 days later. Obviously, since she’s stuck under the ice and then in a coma for 6 days, you don’t really see that gap of time. In chapter 2, Delaney's friend Janna tells her what happened during those 11 minutes. But still, it’s second hand and summed up in a few paragraphs.


This short story is from Decker’s perspective. This is the story of those 11 minutes, and the 6 days that follow, from his perspective. Because while it must be terriying to be trapped under the ice, I imagine it's a different kind of terror seeing your best friend trapped under the ice... especially if it's your fault...

More information coming Friday…but I’m pretty excited about sharing it!

And over here, there’s an author's note from me about the inspiration (and the questions) that sparked the idea for Fracture.

2. Giveaways:

Nova Ren Suma, who wrote the extraordinary book Imaginary Girls (want to see how much I loved her book? Yeah), interviewed me on her blog this week as part of her series about 2012 debut authors. And if you comment on the interview, you’ll be entered to win a UK ARC of Fracture (open to the US, UK, and Canada).

Then, on Monday, I’ll be participating in a twitter chat along with Veronica Rossi, author of UNDER THE NEVER SKY, which, by the way, is amazing, amazing, amazing. A-mazing. We’ll be chatting under the #2012debuts hashtag on December 12th at 9pm, and I’ll be giving away another UK ARC of Fracture (this time open internationally).

Also, ACK, it's December. Just saying.