Just popping in from winter break with a quick update!

According to The Internet, Fracture is officially on sale today in Canada. There were some early sightings, like this picture taken last week.

Huge thanks to Giselle for sharing this picture of Fracture on the shelves!

But today is the official, official day.

I like Canada. I like things that are from Canada. The #1 Thing-From-Canada that I like is my dad. He also apparently likes Canada a lot. I give you, my dad through the years in Canada attire:

From left to right: the trucker hat (oh, youth), the sweatshirt, the T-shirt, the classy shirt (notice the understated gold lettering)

The Canada attire is rivaled only by his NY Giants attire.

Anyway, if you are in Canada and you have bought/will buy Fracture, and if you’d like a signed bookplate, please email me with your address and if/how you’d like it personalized at:

(offer stands until I run out of stamps)