In My Mailbox...

Okay, technically none of this came in my actual mailbox. Mostly it showed up on my front porch.

But first, in news that has absolutely nothing to do with my mailbox or front porch, the short story I talked about last week is now up over here!

Anyway, back on topic…a little background: I get this wave of panic every time I hear a delivery truck. This is because Christmas presents are starting to arrive for my kids from out-of-state family. This sends me into a panic because, until yesterday, I had not started shopping. So every time I'd hear a truck, I'd be reminded of how much not-shopping I had done, and how not-on-top-of-things I was, and how totally-on-top-of-things everyone else in the universe was.

But. I also got some packages that did not make me panic. On the contrary, they made me very excited. So, without further ado, I give you the items that did not make me panicky and instead made me borderline giddy:

1. I got this. This is a finished copy of the US version of FRACTURE. It comes out January 17th

I think it’s pretty.

2. I also got this. This is a finished copy of the UK version of FRACTURE. It comes out January 5th

The main difference being that it is paperback, whereas the US version is hardcover. I count 3 subtle differences... (title, name, ice -- am I missing any?)

3. And then, just when I thought my front porch had maxed out on awesomeness, the bookplates that my talented friend Shelli designed arrived yesterday:

Thank you, Shelli!

Okay, and this next one is totally cheating (since it came electronically into my inbox, but I love it so I'm sharing it anyway)...

4. This is the poster for the event I’ll be at in San Francisco on January 26th. Love the tagline.

Meanwhile, there’s this house around the corner with this adorable (and by adorable I mean panic-inducing) countdown-to-Christmas sign in the front yard. I think this actually makes me panic more than the sound of the delivery truck. Mostly because my kids shout as we pass it: Twelve days! Eleven days! To an outsider, it probably sounds like they’re cheering. But I know these kids.

They're taunting me.