First Chapter & Book Trailer

Want to read the first chapter of Fracture? If so, CLICK RIGHT HERE. Hope you like it!

In addition, I hear there will be a giveaway tomorrow (Friday) and a second excerpt posted on Monday. (And even more content/giveaways/extras in the coming weeks.)

ALSO. There is a book trailer! Reasons I adore this (I mean, besides the fact that it's a freaking trailer of my book and I love it):

A) This is an actual scene from FRACTURE. It is THE scene. The beginning of it all, the inciting incident, the event that sets everything in motion, the moment when everything changes... Anyway, you get the point. FRACTURE is the story of what happens from this moment on...

B) The team at Walker/Bloomsbury have done something really cool with the words spoken and the words written. The audio is technically from the scene in the opening chapter when Delaney is trapped under the ice, only she's not there to witness it (what with her being under the ice and all), but the text on the screen is the excerpt of her thoughts after learning what happened—after learning she was trapped for eleven minutes. It was so cool for me to see it blended together like that!

Anyway, enough of me geeking out... I'll leave you with this:

Or you can view it here.