Two More Months

A lot can happen in two months.

Fracture is coming out in two months. (Okay, fine. It’s coming out two months from yesterday. But I figure there’s some wiggle room when you count in months, what with some months having 30 days and some having 31, oh, and there’s that one that has 28, except every four years when it decides to have 29 (I mean what’s up with that?)) So anyway. Fracture is coming out in about two months.

As such, things are happening.

Things. Are. Happening.

The lovely people at Walker/Bloomsbury set up this Fracture Facebook Page, and I hear they have Big Plans for it. Lots of giveaways. Lots. Including an entire 11-hour span of events and giveaways and other awesomeness. So if you liked Fracture, or you think you might like Fracture, or you like to win things, or you like to click Like on things on Facebook, or you are compelled to follow hyperlinks, don’t let me stop you.

Other things are happening. Like launch things. And tour things. Book trailer things. Short story things. I will post these things as soon as everything is final. Soon!

You know what else is happening in less than two months? Holidays. A bunch of them, none of which I have prepared for. Also: a very long car ride, which technically nothing can really prepare me for.

And now apparently I’ve got some online shopping to do.