Post-Pre-Pub Tour (and other stuff)

Oops. I meant to do a recap of the pre-publication tour when I got back, but then I slept for 2 days (I say jet-lag, The Husband says laziness: the debate rages on). And when I was conscious again, I remembered that I was supposed to be revising a novel. So. Here I am. Two weeks later. Therefore, I’m going to attempt to fit 7 days of traveling into one concise blog post.

For the record, this is me being concise.

Oh, but (watch as I go completely off-topic), I did a few guest posts recently. First, you can read about my creepy childhood and enter for a chance to win a signed advanced copy of FRACTURE (UK edition) at Haunted Halloween (open to US/UK/CA). Or you can read my letter to my high-school-self at Dear Teen Me.

Also, for the bloggers/reviewers out there: I believe FRACTURE is now available for request at NetGalley.

Okay, back on topic! The pre-pub tour got off to a rather ominous start when I could not fit my carry-on luggage into the carry-on compartment thing. (The Husband told me this would happen when I insisted on packing my boots. I ignored him.) The very nice flight attendant said, “Oh, just move a few things to your other bag.” So I opened my overstuffed luggage in the middle of the overcrowded aisle and attempted to stuff clothes into my purse. While people watched. Very patiently, obviously. Because people at airports are always patient.

But anyway. In addition to overstuffing my luggage, I did, in fact, forget to pack certain things. Like my camera (also, socks) – so I don’t have any pictures of anything until, like, day 3 when it finally occurred to me that my phone has a camera. So you’ll just have to trust me that L.A. was awesome.

So, I learned that a pre-pub tour basically revolves around talking about books, talking about writing, and talking about writing books. A.K.A. Book Heaven. I had the opportunity to meet with book-buyers, booksellers, book readers, and book lovers. And I got to hear about the books they loved, which meant that I kept buying books, which meant that it became officially impossible to pretend like I had carry-on luggage any longer.

Here are a few of the pics that I did manage to take:

In San Jose -- At Hicklebee’s, which I’m pretty sure my children would want to live inside forever – seriously, the whole store was like a literary scavenger hunt:

With Valerie, owner of Hicklebee's

Driving across the Golden Gate Bridge (I wasn’t driving. No, I was the one leaning out the car window with a big *tourist* sign around my neck):

With the super-smart and super-passionate book club members at Capuchino High School (for the record, I would like to bottle them up and put them in a book)

Getting to Chicago, our last stop, was an Adventure. But seeing as I’m attempting to be concise, I will leave it at that. It might be a blog post for another time. I will say that it involved running, getting dressed in an ice cream shop, and words you never want to hear while on an airplane.

After we landed (found our luggage, and consulted the manual for the rental car), we went straight to Anderson’s for a fantastic event with a fantastic group of readers/teachers/librarians/booksellers:


Since the ARCs for Fracture didn’t have a cover, the talented Tara saw fit to make her own (which I copied from here: Check out her entire site!)

I love how she captured the brain and the ice together, and that there’s a red coat, just like in the actual cover.

Then, to top it off, while I was telling the story of the day I started writing again, she sketched it out into comic form:

Man, I wish I could draw. Or design. I also wish I could predict the weather, because, though I had packed for a day in the 70’s (I swear that’s what the internet said, and the internet never lies), my last day in Chicago was 48 degrees and rainy. I had a sundress and sandals. There is a reason there are no pictures from the last day.

Thank you to everybody who came out to an event or met us for a meal or introduced us to their stores. Thank you to Bloomsbury/Walker (I’m adding this to the very long list of things I need to thank them for), and thank you to Katy Hershberger, the publicist for Bloomsbury, who organized and coordinated the entire tour.