Writing Trends & Fashion Trends (and why I don't participate in either)

My take on writing trends is a lot like my take on fashion trends.  For those of you who don’t know me in person, I’m going to let you in on a not-so-secret-secret: I don’t do them.  This is not because I am anti-fashion or anti-shopping or fashionable in the way that I declare I am not into fashion but secretly spend hours putting together un-fashiony ensembles which are so unfashionable that they somehow become fashionable again.

No, it is because I do not want to look ridiculous.

This is not to say all you fashionable people look ridiculous.  On the contrary, many of you are quite lovely.  But what works for you sometimes makes me look like I am either twelve-years-old or two-feet-tall or something equally troubling.  So naturally, I stick with things that work for me…which this season may or may not be hooded-sweatshirts and too-long jeans (this is because I am short, not because I think it’s trendy to fray the ends of jeans).

Occasionally fashion trends circle around and all of the sudden something I’m wearing is fashionable, and that is momentarily exciting, mostly because it’s easy to shop again.  Oh like that time everyone was wearing empire waist tops at precisely the moment I was pregnant with Kid #2.  That was awesome.  Though it didn’t last long because, well, everyone looked pregnant, and it turns out people who aren’t pregnant don’t want people asking when they’re due.

Anyway.  There’s a point to all this I think.  Writing to trends.  Right.  So.  If for some reason all my clothes disappeared and someone lent me a pair of leggings and I had to go out in public, I’d probably be concerned that I either looked like a 12-year-old, or worse, looked like a 29-year-old trying to look like a 12-year-old, and I’d walk a little faster, and I’d be all self-conscious, and then I wouldn’t really be acting like me anymore (because in reality I am an epically slow walker).

Same goes with writing.  I can only write the kind of writing that I can write.  Otherwise, I’d probably get all self-conscious because I wasn’t really acting like me and I’d hold back and anyone reading would be able to tell.  Now, occasionally trends circle around and what I write is all of the sudden in style, and that is awesome.  And then it might circle out again.

But this is me.  Hooded sweatshirts.  Too-long jeans.  There’s definitely variation – colors and brands and cuts – but the general stuff stays the same.  It’s all from the same closet.

And to all of you out there who love leggings and jeggings and other things that shall remain nameless and shunned in my house, SEIZE THE DAY.  Hooded sweatshirts will make a comeback.  I declare it.